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Me and my grandsons

Hey guys, Welcome to my site. We just moved to a new house and a great neighborhood. I miss all my family member that I moved away from, but sometimes you got do what you got to do survive. Anyway, it is a beautiful city, St. Cloud with alot of lakes, just perfect to put my new boat in. I also started to go to church again and this church is great to go to. It has a little coffee place with two big drop-down screens which broadcast from the big church area. I started on the video crew/ tech crew and run cameras during the services. Well enjoy my website and drop me a line at
Thanks again and may God bless you...


It was a great Christmas and I enjoyed seeing my family here in Florida but miss my family in Louisiana. The temperature is going up and down then it rains. Oh well, at least it isn't snow.....!!!!


What's New?

12/10/06 - The videos are beginning to be prepare so that I can get one to all my family members before Christmas.
12/29/06 - Just got the permit to put my fence up.You know Home Owner Association red tape bullsh.t.
                Also started to get really for my daugther, Desiree, to move back in with us to start her new life over again. Everyone is excited to have her back in the embrace of the family. I know i am.

My pond with self sustaining filter naturally

Coming Soon ...The Barker's Christmas